Airport Design Editor Help ToolsImporting Stock Data into a Project

Importing Stock Data into a Project


Open the Project File

First open the ADE project file.

Make sure that the file has loaded correctly

Get The Bgl File

Now Compile the project

Get The Bgl File

When the compile is complete we need to open the Bgl file that was just created

Make sure that the airport has loaded from the Bgl file.

Loading the Stock Data

Now select Load Stock Data

Loading the Stock Data

Set Stock Import Options

  1. Select Scenery Objects and Taxi Signs
  2. Click Import
Set Stock Import Options

When the import is completed then try compiling again and see how things are in FSX.


William Tribble

Is it possible to import an FSX bgl file (or a picture file) into ADE FS9 to use as an "underlay" for copying? If not, could you work on that?

Jon Masterson

Check out how to use Background Images in Section 8.3 of the Manual

Ray Monk

Yes but I am still confused as to when and why I need to import "Stock items"? If I open a 'Stock' FSX airport, don't I get all of the Stock objects in my ADE screen? The only time I see a reason to import bits is when I want to work on third party BGL files (e.g. Traffic X) which, when I open these from a BGL, do not show any of the library objects that appear if I open the same default FSX airport.

Jon Masterson


You are correct.. You do not need to import stock items when you open a stock airport

Jon Masterson

I have checked the article and it is not a good one so I am going to update it - thanks Ray

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