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How do I Add an ILS to a Runway?

This short tutorial shows how to add an ILS to a runway.

Right Click > Add > ILS.


  1. Select the runway that you want to make the ILS for from the drop down list
  2. Give it an Ident.  Note that you need to give it a different ident from any other ILS and generally from any similar navaids that might be nearby
  3. The name of the ILS is determined by what settings you have for it including whether the GS and DME options are checked.  You can also use the drop down in front of the name to provide CAT information
  4. Set a frequency.  Generally you will only be offered frequencies that do not clash with navaids around it
  5. The range is generally 27nm
  6. Check if you want Glide Slope and/or DME.  Without either the ILS becomes a localizer only
  7. Enable the backcourse if you want one.  If you are not familiar with this or the airport does not have one for this ILS then leave it unchecked
  8. ADE can automatically create a basic ILS approach for the ILS.  You should keep this checked since it will provide you with information when you are approaching the airport using this ILS
  9. Click Add to complete the work and add the ILS
  10. Click Cancel if you change your mind

The ILS in the Display

  1. TheLlocalizer
  2. the Glide Slope
  3. The DME

ADE will place these elements in their common position but they can be moved to suit a real world airport situation

The ILS in the Display

The ILS Approach

Since we opted to create an approach for this ILS we can go to the Approach Designer to look at it

The ILS Approach

Select the Approach

Lists >Approaches to open the list of Approaches

Select the Approach

Approach List

  1. This is the one we created
  2. Click Edit to see it in the display
Approach List



how come the stock ils runway disappeared in the gps? i'm only able to see the new runway approach. i tried adding new ils to stock runway but causes error in complilation. i tried exporting approach from bgl but won't work.

Jon Masterson

Without seeing the compiler error it is not possible to say. I recommend that you ask for help on this problem at the support forum on


I added a VOR and ILS to a local airport in my ADE to match the actual nav aid that has been installed since FSX came out. However once I added the approach I can seem to get it to show up on any of my Nav Radios in my simulator.

Jon Masterson

The best place to get help with this is on the support forum at


I have added an ILS to my personal airport but there are hills very close to the airport. It would help to increase the glide slope but if I change the glide slope greater than 3 it doesn't work on the approach. Any suggestions?

Jon Masterson

The best place to get advice on this is on the support forum at Someone there should be able to help


so, I have done all this ,
how do I save the files?,
or add them to fsx so the ils shows when I fly that airport ?,

Jon Masterson

The best place to get help with this is on the support forum at Someone there should be able to help.

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