Airport Design Editor Help Custom Ground PolysHow do I change the layer number for Custom GP Objects in ADE?

How do I change the layer number for Custom GP Objects in ADE?

In most cases the layer number for a custom ground object is edited in the GP Editor, but in some cases it might be necessary or convenient to do this in ADE.

Edit the layer number in the GP Editor

The GP layer is usually edited in the GP Editor

Edit the layer number in ADE

Edit the layer number in ADE

Select GP Objects from the List Menu

  1. GP Layers for each GP object
  2. This button will set new layers.  It is inactive until we select an entry in the list

Change the layer for a single object

  1. Select an object to change the layer
  2. Click Set GP Layer
  1. When a single object is selected the GP layer for that object is shown here.  Use the up and down arrows to change the layer or type in a new value - in this case 21
  2. Click Change to make the change or
  3. Cancel if you change your mind

the value is changed

Change the layer for multiple objects

I have three objects in layer 21 and I want to change that to 30.  I can select them individually with the control key down or if I want to be sure to change all the objects in layer 21 (which might not be so easy if I have a lot of objects) then I can sort the objects by clicking the GP Layer column heading

They are all together now and I can select them with the shift key down if I wish and hit the Set GP Layer button

If more than one object is selected then the value in here defaults to 24 but I can change it to 30 and click Change

Here they are changed but because I have the list sorted by gp layer they are no longer at the top


Jon Masterson

Hi Bob - is this in ADE or FS?

Jon Masterson

There are two sorts of Layer. Both define what object shows over what. In the ADE display the layers that determine which gets drawn over the others is controlled by the GP Layer and you can't change that. GP Layers display the order in which GP objects are display in the sim. ADE will try and display them in its display in that order

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