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Update Reminders and Checking [1.76.6704]

Please note that the online updater works only with the current major production version.  We create new installers for major versions so that older versions may appear to be up to date but are not.  We plan to introduce a new tool or function so that users can determine if their version is now out of date and will no longer be updated

Most versions of ADE have used an automatic update checking system.  This meant that ADE would check for updates each time it started.  This automated checking has now been removed and replaced by user controlled update reminders.  The new approach reduces the impact of update checking on the user who can now choose when to check and also on the server side resources.  As the number of ADE users increases so does the demand on the server of these automated checks.


You can check manually for updates at any time.  Go to the Help Menu and select Help > Check for Update.  A small window will open and the check made.  If a new version is available then it can be downloaded from this window.


You can now set ADE to remind them to check for updates.  This can be turned off completely or the interval between checks can be user defined between 5 and 60 days.  This is set up by going to Settings > Options > Updates Tab:

  1. Use Update Reminder If this is checked then ADE will provide update reminders.  If it is unchecked then no reminders will be provided
  2. Remind every 'n' days This can be set between 5 and 60 days.  Use the up/down arrows to the right of the box to change the interval by 5 days per click or enter a specific number.

Update Reminders in Action

When the remind interval is reached ADE will display a small reminder window message when it starts:

You now have the choice to check for updates or not.  If you choose No then ADE will reset the counter and offer a new reminder after the defined interval.

If you click Yes then ADE will check for updates and open a small window

If an update is available then you will have the choice to download it or not.  In any event ADE will reset the counter and offer a new reminder after the defined interval


We strongly recommend that you do update when offered.  Updates contain important fixes and new features.  Generally we are unable to support or offer help to you if you are not on the current production release.


Jim Boerman

Where do I download this update, and do I install it over my existing version (1.75.6400)?

Jon Masterson

1.75.6400 looks like a beta version. The current major production version is 1.75.6420. You will need to get that from here: and install it. Then you should be offered an update. There are several updates between 1.75.6430 and the current one but they are cumulative

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