Airport Design Editor HelpADE DisplayHow do I Select Multiple Objects?

How do I Select Multiple Objects?

There are two methods that can be used to select multiple objects

Shift Click

Shift Click

Hold down the Shift Key and left click on the objects to be selected

Drag a Rubber Band

Drag a Rubber Band

Hold down the R key and drag out a rectangle (rubber band) with the left mouse button down


Ian Sanders

Hi Jon,
Further to this, I would like to know, how to copy & paste MULTIPLE OBJECTS.


Nahuel Zapata

Gracias me sirvio mucho! :D


Is it possible to move multiple objects once selected? The issue I'm having is once I select, let's say 5 objects I try to move them with the mouse, and it only moves the object I click on, de-selecting all the other objects.

Jon Masterson

You need to keep the shift key down after a multiple selection to move the group

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