Airport Design Editor HelpToolsHow do I Move an Airport (Requires ProKey)

How do I Move an Airport (Requires ProKey)

Sometimes a stock airport may be misplaced in the simulator world.   This tool allows you to move the airport to a new location.  Moving an airport can be complicated and there are a lot of things to think about such as the terrain at the new location and the need to revise approach code.  However moving the airport elements is quite simple

Open the Move Airport Function

  1. Select Tools and
  2. Move Airport
Open the Move Airport Function

Move Airport Dialog

  1. There are two ways to move an airport from the dialog  The first uses coordinates and the second uses Distance and Bearing.  The first is preferred in most cases and certainly where the move is more than a short distance.  The second is fine if you know how far and in what direction to make the move.  This is the method used if you use the drag function to set up the move (see below)
  2. Decide which airport elements you want to move.  Generally you want to move the airport, scenery objects and any guidelines.  If you are moving a stock airport then you would probably not want to move the exclusion rectangles that are placed by ADE to exclude stock buildings etc.  Also a terrain element such as a flatten is not likely to be of great help in a new location
Move Airport Dialog

Use Coordinates

To use this method make sure Use Coordinates is checked.  You also need to know the coordinates where you want the airport reference point to end up

  1. Set the new latitude and longitude in the relevant boxes.  You can use a number of different formats.  The green 'No Errors' button will change to red if you enter something that ADE does not understand and the message should give an indication of what is wrong
  2. In Use Coordinates mode the Distance and Bearing boxes are grayed out.  However the distance and bearing of the entered coordinates from the current airport reference point will update so you can see how far and on what bearing the airport will be moved.
Use Coordinates

Use Distance and Bearing

  1. Un check the Use Coordinates box.  The Coordinates area will now grey out and the Distance and Bearing area will become active.
  2. Enter the distance and bearing of the move to be made.  (if you use the Drag method (see below) then these entries will already be set)
  3. The latitude and longitude values will update as you change the distance and bearing values.
Use Distance and Bearing

Execute the Move

Click the Move Button to have ADE execute your move.  If you change your mind then you can click Cancel to abort the changes.

Execute the Move

ADE will show this dialog before it completes the operation.  Just Click OK - it is too late to cancel now!  After a short time for reload the airport will be displayed in the new location

Move Airport By Dragging an Object

This can be useful if you are, for example, using a background image and want the airport moved by locating an airport feature onto the image.

  1. Select the object you want to use as the reference for the move.  Hold down the Alt key and with that key down drag the object to the desired location.  Release the left mouse button and then the Alt Key.  You must do it in this order otherwise ADE will not open the dialog
  2. The Move Airport Dialog will open.  Note that the entry fields are grayed out but the Distance and Bearing boxes show the dragged distance and heading that will be used to make the move
  3. Select what you want to move
  4. Execute the move
Move Airport By Dragging an Object

Final Thoughts

While the move method is usually accurate it is important that you check the new airport position and relationships.  Be aware that moving is the easy bit and that you may need to add new exclusions and terrain elements to get your airport cleared of unwanted land class and autogen.  Also be aware that moves will probably upset approach code if there are approaches at the airport and you will need to check these in the Approach Designer



Gerry reid

What if Move Airport is not High lighted?
Default airport U69

Jon Masterson

Most likely because you do not have a ProKey.


I move the airport as described and compile over "Compile Airtport". When I now load FSX and the edited airport, it is on the same position as before. There is no effect. Would could I do wrong?
pls help

Jon Masterson

The best place to get help for your question is on the support forum at

Livio Santos

I moved the airport (LPPS-FS2004) to new location, but only the runway are shown.The island disappeared.

Jon Masterson

The best place to get help with this is on the support forum at Someone there should be able to help

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