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Project Tree to Edit Airport Items

Project Tree that displays all user editable objects in a project.  Navigating the tree allows the user to find and/or edit objects.  This provides an alternative to individual lists and also provides access to some airport elements that are not available in another list view.

Open the Project Tree

Open the Project Tree

To open the tree select the Lists Menu and Project Tree.

The tree (1) will start with the groups of objects closed.  Select any group to open it.  The Tree groups similar objects together to make them easier to find.  If you want to find a specific object in the display then use the Find button (2).  Clicking the Edit button (3) will open the appropriate properties dialog to allow the object to be edited.

Find an Item

Find an Item
  1. Select an item
  2. Click the Find button
  3. ADE selects the item and centers the display on it.

Edit an item

Edit an item
  1. Select the item in the tree
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. ADE will open the properties dialog to allow the item to be edited.


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