What is this Section For?

This section contains articles and other information about the next version of ADE.  Stuff in this section will be available only in the current beta.  Like all beta versions of software there is a risk of the program crashing or not working as expected.  These articles are therefore subject to change on a regular basis.  Sometimes they may refer to stuff that is in development and not yet available in the beta,

When the beta functions are moved into production then these articles will be moved to the main help sections.


Earl VanVoorst

I am currently using ADE version 1.75 and a manual for ADE version 1.65. Is there a manual for ADE version 1.75 or will manual for Version 1.65 be sufficient?

Jon Masterson

The manual for 1.65 is the last full manual. Changes and updates from that manual are here on the on-line support. Further help can be obtained on the support forums at www.fsdeveloper.com

Peter Ziegler ( ZZIP )

During startup you have to choose between FSX and P3Dv4.
I have P3Dv4 and I have to choose always .
Can you make a setting that ADE will immediately start up in FSX or P3Dv4, without having to choose.
Thx Jon


Jon Masterson

ADE will always list the Sim's you have installed based on registry entries. However it will remember your last choice. If you only have one sim version installed then ADE will start automatically for that version. I will add your suggestion to my list

Tom Ciochon

Will There Be An Airspace Editor in the next Version?

Jon Masterson

No there won't be an airspace editor in ADE

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