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What Bgl Files can ADE Create?

When you compile an airport with ADE one or more bgl files will get created.  What gets created depends on the target simulator version, your settings and the contents of the project.  There is a file naming convention that is used

The basic file naming convention

When you compile you will be asked to provide some information about the file name.  ADE provides a default:

  1. The ICAO Ident for the airport
  2. The version of ADE used to create the airport
  3. The initials of the developer.

A basic name like this without any suffixes on the name will contain the airport and may also contain scenery objects

Extensions to the file name

In addition to the basic file name ADE can create a number of additional files with extensions such as _OBJ. _CVX and so on


The ALT file will be created if you revised the altitude of an airport.  In order that a changed altitude is recognized by the simulator is it necessary to load the changed altitude data before the stock airport loads.  ADE will place the ALT file in Scenery\World\scenery



There is a setting that tells ADE to create a separate Bgl file for the airport and for scenery objects.  If this is checked then you will get an _OBJ bgl file.  This contains scenery objects and exclusion rectangles

CVX (FSX and P3D only)

CVX (FSX and P3D only)

If you create terrain elements such as airport background polys or roads then ADE will compile these into a separate Bgl file with _CVX in the name.  This is compiled using a separate compiler from the airport and scenery

TER (FS9 only)

TER (FS9 only)

ADE provides a basic flatten function for FS9.  If you add some of these to your project then these will be compiled into a separate bgl file with _TER in the name



ADE 1.60 introduced the Custom Ground Line and Custom Ground Poly.  If you add any of these then they will go into a Bgl file with _GP in the name

FS9 Extended Compile Extensions

FS9 Extended Compile Extensions

ADE provides an extended compile option for FS9 only.  This is to try and get around some limitations of the Microsoft FS9 Compiler.  Splitting the airport into a number of Bgl files can avoid the compiler overflow error

  1. APN - Aprons
  2. APR - Approach Code
  3. TSN - Taxi Signs
  4. TXN - Parking and the Taxi Network


Patrick Smith

On FS9 VOZ 180 has designed Temora Airport as it is today,with new heavy aircraft Rwy 23/5. etc!how can one convert this bgl. to initiate in FSX? Thank u for any input.

Jon Masterson

This can be easy or difficult depending on the scenery objects and other items used. The first step would be to try and load the bgl file into ADE for FSX. For more detailed help please ask on the support forum at


I edited the radius of a gate for parking for small gates from 18 to 17. and then compiled the file

The resulting compi;ed file was put in Addon scenery/scenery.But when I call for edited airport the change figure of 17 for small gate is not shown. instead only 18 is shown

Jon Masterson

The best place to get help with this is on the Airport Design Editor support forum at Someone there will be able to help

ScruffyDuck Software


Jon, I created my own airport with some object files such as taxisigns but however they don't show up in the sim (FSX). I unticked the box next to seperate object bgl files and I am using FSX Steam Edition with Prepar3d v1.4 sdk tools. Any help would be apprieciated a lot.

Jon Masterson

The best place to get help for this is on the support forum which can be found at

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