Airport Design Editor HelpAirport Comms and ATCHow do I Add Comms to a New Airport?

How do I Add Comms to a New Airport?

Open the Comm List

Go to the Lists Menu and select Comms

Open the Comm List

Comms List

  1. With a new airport the Comms list will be empty
  2. Click the Add button
Comms List

Add a Frequency

  1. Give the Comm Frequency a name - usually related to your airport
  2. To get communications with an airport you need a Tower frequency so add this first by selecting TOWER and the Type.

However you can just add other types such as ATIS or UNICOM depending on what you want for the airport.

Add a Frequency
  1. ADE will offer a list of valid frequencies in the drop down list.  Choose one for the Tower
  2. Click the Save button
  1. The frequency is now in the List
  2. Click close to dismiss the list.  The Tower frequency should now be available.


Tom Ciochon

How do i add a comm freq. to the comm freq list?

Kevin Davis

Hi. I'm not sure if this falls under this category in Comms, but here's my question. I'm currently editing General Mitchell International Airport (KMKE), to match real-world information. One of the things I'm trying to edit is the Tower frequency, which is 124.75 in the real-world, but 119.1 in the sim. This changed a few years ago. I changed it in ADE, then compiled the airport, but the frequency in the sim is still 119.1. Could ADE be fighting with the default data?
Please advise!

Jon Masterson

The best place to get help with this is on the Airport Design Editor support forum at Someone there will be able to help

ScruffyDuck Software

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