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Airline Codes in Parking Spot Tool tip

The parking spot tool tip shows airline codes associated with the spot.  If there are more than five then the first five will be shown followed by '...'  This is intended to avoid over large tool tips.  In any case FS rarely honors more than a few airline codes at a spot.


Wayne Lourens

How do I add our Virtual Flying Club as an airline in the 135 Airways list? It is recognised by FSX (I have Steam), and check it on the aircraft I fly. We have custom scenery for our Club at its main hub, CYVR, and I want ATC to direct our Club aircraft to the reserved parkings in the Club area.


was trying to learn how to change a parking code in FSX Steam. Thanks for any help anyone can furnish.

Jon Masterson

The best place to get help with this is on the Airport Design Editor support forum at

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