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How do I Make a FSX Runway SurfaceTransparent (1.65)

Up till now if has not been easy to make a runway surface in FSX transparent.  Thanks to some recent work by Jim Vile and others there is a way to do it and this has been included in ADE 1.65.


This will only be available in ADE if you have the Acceleration Pack SDK installed.  SDK versions SP1a and SP2 do not support this and ADE will not offer the transparent property if you have one of these installed.  Please also note that if you create an airport with transparent runways using the XPack then these will only appear transparent on FSX with the XPack.  In all other versions of FSX the runway surface will be visible

Setting the transparent runway flag

Setting the transparent runway flag

IF your version of the SDK support compiling the transparent flag then this checkbox will be available.  Check it to make the runway surface transparent

Result in FSX

Result in FSX

With the transparent flag set the runway surface is not drawn but markings are


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