Airport Design Editor HelpTrouble ShootingWhat do I do if I Get Compiler Error C1003: Failed to create MSXML object?

What do I do if I Get Compiler Error C1003: Failed to create MSXML object?

This is quite a common error and is usually caused by having the wrong version of MSXML 4 installed

If you see this error message when you try to compile then the first thing to do is to update the MSXML 4 installation.  This is easy to do by downloading the latest version.  The download can be accessed here

Once you have the download execute the installer and when it is completed restart ADE and try to compile again.

This thread covers the problem in detail


Microsoft VoicePack SDKs

The information below is provided by Jim Vile and clarifies what may be going on:

What  causes ADE to stop compiling is Microsofts SDK's. If you install either the FS2002 or FS2004 SDK_ATC_Voicepack_Setup.exe it registers a older version of the MSXML.dll that takes precedence over any other MSXML.dll installed. ADE will now fail to compile.

Microsoft did not release a SDK ATC _Voicepack for FSX.


Ray Monk

Just to be clear, should the reference to "EditVoicePack" be changed to "FSX SDK Voicepack" which is a completely different object?

Jon Masterson

Maybe but not to the FSX one since per Jims' comments I do not think one was created for FSX. I believe it is still possible that older versions of EditVoicePak can contain the problem MSXML version also

Lars Møllebjerg

EditVoicepack does not use or install MSXML. This goes for all versions of EditVoicepack. EditVoicepack use the XML functionality included in the .NET Framework.

Jon Masterson

Thanks for that information Lars. I have removed the reference to EditVoicePak from this article

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