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How do I Install the ProKey?

The ProKey is a small file that allows access to some extra functions of ADE.  You don't need it to run ADE and create or modify airports  but some of the ProKey tools make the job easier.  This article covers how to install the ProKey

Downloading the key file

Use your favorite browser to go to or  They both lead to this site.

  1. Select the Airport Design Editor Tab and
  2. The ProKey page

Find the download link and save the file to  a folder on your hard drive.

Find it where you downloaded it  and unzip it.

Open the zip file

The zip file contains several folders.  Please read the read me for the latest information and the manuals folder contains the software license agreement and usage notes for the ProKey

Open the Plugins folder

Copy the the ProKey.dll file.  You should not need the other file as it now ships with all current versions of ADE

Open the Plugins folder in your ADE installation

Start ADE and you will should see the Evaluation screen

Start ADE and you will should see the Evaluation screen

The ProKey gives you 15 days to evaluate it before deciding to purchase or remove it.  Click Continue Evaluation to open ADE with the ProKey Active.  If you click Exit then ADE will start without the ProKey.

Is the ProKey working?

Is the ProKey working?

If the ProKey is active then you will see (Pro) in the title bar

Removing the ProKey

If you decide not to keep the ProKey then after the evaluation period you should remove it.  Just go to the ADE Plugins folder where you copied it above and delete the ProKey.dll file.  Next time you start ADE it will not show (Pro) in the title bar and the ProKey will not longer be active.


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