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How do I Set the Logging Level of Detail?

ADE has a very powerful logging system and it helps us to find out what is happening when folks have problems.  The level of detail for logging can be changed.   This can be set in the Options Dialog

To check and/or change the logging level go to the Settings Menu and select Options.  This will open the Program Options Dialog

  1. Logging Level is set on the General Tab.  Please note that the Settings Tab shown here might look a bit different you yours but it will have the
  2. Logging Level Section


  1. The usually recommended level is Normal.  This provides us with what we need to see in most instances and has the least impact on performance
  2. Detail provides us with more information - this means that log files get bigger faster and performance may be affected especially on slower computers
  3. Full is the most detailed level - it provides the most information, generates the largest log files and has the most impact on performance.  Slower computers will be noticeably effected with this level of loggin

We strongly recommend that you keep your logging set to normal.  If you get a problem and we need to see a higher level of logging then we will ask.  There is no advantage in normal operation to having Detail or Full logging set.


If you do change anything then remember to Save it!


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