Airport Design Editor Help Trouble ShootingHow do I Fix a Missing Bgl Compiler for FSX? (1.65)

How do I Fix a Missing Bgl Compiler for FSX? (1.65)

You have probably reached this article because of the message shown below and Clicked OK.  If you are just browsing the help files then you probably don't need this article which deals with a specific problem that can arise for ADE working with FSX.  It does not apply to FS9 or P3D.

What went wrong?

ADe is looking for the Bgl Compiler that is used to create airports and scenery from your work.  This is found in the FSX Software Development Kit (SDK)  It has looked in the settings file you created and in the registry for this file and has not been able to find it.  Until this problem is corrected you will not be able to compile your work.  There are a number of possible reasons for not finding the SDK

  1. You do not have a version of FSX with the SDK.  The FSX SDK is not available with the Standard Edition of FSX.  you need the deluxe or Gold edition.  If you have the standard edition then you cannot use ADE.  The SDK is not free and not available for download.  If you want to use ADE ( and a number of other tools for FSX) then you would need to purchase one of the other editions
  2. The SDK is not installed.  
  3. The SDK is installed but ADE can't find it.  This is usually because there is a problem with the registry.  When installed the SDK makes a registry entry to tell other programs like ADE where to find it.  If this entry is missing or hold bad information then ADE won't find it.

Installing the SDK

Installing the SDK is outside the scope of this article.  However you will need to find the folder for the SDK on one of the DVDs for FSX.  We do recommend that you install the SDK in the default folder.  This is different than FSX which should not be installed in the default folder.

Once you have installed the SDK then run ADE again and it should find the compiler and the message above will be gone.

ADE can't find the SDK

If you are sure that you have installed the SDK and you can find it on your computer then it is likely that there is some issue with the registry

Try to auto find the folder

Try to auto find the folder

Go to Settings > Options > Folder Tab.  Click the Find Key.  Then check the BglComp Folder.  Has this changed to the folder you checked above?  If not then it does mean that ADE was not able to find the SDK using the registry entry.  

Find it manually

If the auto find button did not do the trick then you have the option to try and set the path yourself

  1. In the Options dialog select the small button next to the BglComp Folder Path
  2. Use the folder navigator to navigate to the actual location of the SDK that you noted above.  When you find the SDK it should be in the path ..\Environment Kit\Bgl Compiler SDK
  3. If you have to manually set the path to the Bgl Compiler then you will also need to do it for the Shp2Vec compiler.  This is the compiler we need to compile the terrain parts of the airport.  When you find the SDK this should be in the path ..\Environment Kit\Terrain SDK

Whether you use the auto find or the manual find remember to click the Save Button.  Close ADE and start it again.  Hopefully you won't see the error message again and the compiler will be found.

The final option

If all else fails then please ask us for more help on the ADE support forum.



I had this problem with new Steam version of FSX.
Just uninstall ADE and reinstall it.
This rewrites windows registry and so ADE then automatically finds correct paths to FSX. Easy fix guys.


Sorry you may also need to add BglComp.exe to your SDK (it was missing in my Steam Version of FSX)
Luckily I had the my original FSX Gold Edition as backup.

Jon Masterson

Hi Fred and thanks for sharing that information,


Guys Just found out you do not need to add BglComp.exe to your Steam version FSX SDK!! it looks like its added in ROOT of ADE FSX ?? will cause compile error if you do add to Enviroment SDK\ BGL SDK\
sorry about that.

Jon Masterson

To be clear.

When you install ADE 1.65 for FSX then ADE looks for BglComp.exe in the location provided for the FSX SDK and copies it to the FSX folder inside ADE. ADE does not ship with the FSX compiler since that would break the EULA but it does copy it so that it can be used with an updated BglComp.xsd.

Previous versions of ADE did not make this copy but used the one found in the SDK directly.


Sorry Jon my mistake.
I now have the Steam version of FSX and latest ADE 1.65.5452 working well (great bit of software guys) and connecting to each other no problems. Must now go and build airports!
Merry Christmas Jon and have a good year.


So, if I only have Steam version I can't use ADE because there is no BglComp.exe?


Jon Masterson

At the moment no. We are trying to get Dovetail Games to rectify the missing compilers from the SDK shipped with the Steam version. Since the compilers are part of the paid for FSX then they are not available for free download. I believe that the Lockheed Martin P3D version 1.4 SDK may be freely available from the Prepar3D web site. If it is then that is compatible with FSX:SE and you could use the compilers from that.

The real answer however is that Dovetail Games should ship what they say they are. That is the Gold Edition of FSX. At the moment they are not doing that. At the moment I would say that shipping and SDK without the compilers is like selling a car without the engine.


thank you for the quick response. I'll check back now and then for an update. :)


Jon, FSUIPC4 was updated 22 Dec. 2014
for Steam version of FSX. Is there an FSUIPC update for ADE?
I've used a 'work around' but I didn't give details in case of infringing ADEs or Peter Dowsons (FSUIPC4) EULA?

Jon Masterson

ADE does not need an update. FSUIPC is loaded into the sim. It is not part of ADE. ADE connects to the sim via FSUIPC. If you have updated FSUIPC to 4.938a then this will update the file in all your sim versions. ADE can read it fine. The only thing you might need to do is go to Settings > Options > General tab and make sure that Connect Only to Matching FS Ver is not checked. You will need this to get ADE to connect to FSX:SE


Thanks Jon.


i have the steam edition only so i download this need to register but its free. so when i install i see the lockheed martin sdk and i see bglcomp.exe so i'l try reconfigure ADE


update to my last comment. i just copied the SDK from prepar to FSX install SDK and ADE works fine, made an airport in 10 mins and it loads fine in FSX. great tool and great docs, thanks

Jon Masterson

Thanks for letting us know


I have the FSX SE
Somebdoy can help fixing de altitude of the SKCL airport!!

Jon Masterson


Please ask for help on the support forum at

Shane Dallimore

any luck yet with Dovetail Games and the steam version of the SDK, can't get the PREPAR SDK to work with ADE, I really need to stop traffic landing on the closed runway at EGKK!

Jon Masterson

I do not think they will ever release an SDK for FSX:SE. What is wrong with using the P3D v1.4 SDK? I have not heard of any other issues


Guys im am very confused. I have FSX: SE and it says it cannot find the SDK can someone walk me through how to fix it?

Jon Masterson

There is a lot of help available from the folks on the support forum at FSX:SE does not have an SDK and you will need to either use one from FSX or if you do not have that then from P3D v1.4



I Have AF2_KLAX bgl in format xml, soon help me for convertion to original BGL, thansk

Jon Masterson

The best place to get help with this is on the Airport Design Editor support forum at Someone there will be able to help

ScruffyDuck Software

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