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How do I Add a Tower Viewpoint?

The tower viewpoint is the position at an airport which is used when you set your location to the tower.  It is important to note that the tower viewpoint is separate from the 3D model that represents the tower.  Adding the model does not add a viewpoint.  Adding the viewpoint does not add a physical tower to the airport.  There can only be one tower viewpoint and an airport although you can have multiple physical control towers present.


The tower viewpoint

The tower viewpoint

ADE displays the tower viewpoint as a red T in a pink circle.  Generally there will always be a tower viewpoint at an airport.  ADE will create one if you make your own airport from scratch.

Finding the tower viewpoint

Finding the tower viewpoint

Sometimes at a big airport it can be difficult to find out where the tower viewpoint is.  ADE has a way to help.  Right Click and select Center on Tower Viewpoint

ADE will center the display on the tower viewpoint.  If there is no tower viewpoint then the display will stay where it is.

Add a tower viewpoint

Add a tower viewpoint
  1. Right Click where  you want the tower viewpoint
  2. Select Add
  3. but there is no entry for the tower viewpoint

This is because there is already a viewpoint and you may only have one at the airport.  So if you do not see the entry then you already have one and you should use Right Click > Center on Tower Viewpoint to find it

If there is no viewpoint then the Tower option will be in the menu and clicking that will place the tower viewpoint

The property dialog for the tower viewpoint will open.  Note that it reminds you that the tower object is different so you will need to add one of those separately.  Tower objects are library objects so you can use Right Click > Add > Library Object to place on at the same location as the viewpoint if you wish.

Click OK to save.  If your viewpoint is not in quite the right place then just select it and drag it to the correct place.




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