Airport Design Editor HelpRunwaysHow do I Add a Runway?

How do I Add a Runway?

Add the basic runway

Add the basic runway
  1. Place the cursor approximately where you want the center of the runway
  2. Right Click and Select Add
  3. Select Runway from the sub menu

Edit the runway properties

Edit the runway properties
  1. ADE Creates a basic runway and opens the runway properties.  You now need to set your details.  Lets say this runway is 05 and has a heading of 43deg.  It is 2,000 meters long and 60 meters wide.  it has a concrete surface
  2. Use the drop down to select 05.  ADE will automatically set the Secondary
  3. Select the surface type of Concrete
  4. The width is fine so we can leave that
  5. Set the runway length to 2000
  6. Set the heading to 43.0
  7. If you want to add a comment to remind you what this runway is for
  8. You will want to set some other information about the runway but for now just Click
  9. OK

Check you new runway by putting the mouse over it.  The tool tip gives us the information that confirms the runway is how we want it.

What Next?

  1. Position the runway exactly where you want it - select it and drag it to the required place
  2. Edit things like markings. lighting. and VASI/PAPI



How do i get rid of houses and trees from my runway I have made. My local airport has added a runway to the existing airport. I have all the data and have added it in to FS9 with your prog. but take-off on this runway is a bit hazardous to say the least. I must have missed a poly. or something. Please, your help is required.
Yours David

Jon Masterson

This article covers how to do it for FSX:

In FS9 I think that an exclusion rectangle set to exclude all may remove unwanted trees and buildings.


I changed a stock aiport. The problem is that AI traffic moves to the startpoint of the runway but do not start.

Jon Masterson

The best place to get help for this is on the support forum at

Someone there should be able to help

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