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How do I Find and Open a Project? (1.65)

up to now the only way to open  a project was via the File > Open project menu.  With the introduction of project specific settings files it is now possible to search for projects by airport ident

Open the Find Window

Open the Find Window

There is a new menu item in the File menu called Find Airport and this will open the find dialog

  1. The find window will open with a list of all the projects that it knows about.  Select the project that you want to open and
  2. Click Open or double click the entry
  3. You can filter down the entries by entering some text in the filter box.  This works on all fields so you can filter for the file, ident or something in the comments field
  4. There are a number of different ways to display the information and you can Save your choices here.  For information on customizing the list please see the separate article on this



The find function relies on the new project settings files (apsf) to create the data displayed here.  Existing apsf files do not contain enough information to display here but as you load and save (remember either to save the project or open the project settings and save them) projects the aspf file will be updated so that it can be used in this display..

You can position and re-size this window to suit  your needs and ADE should remember next time you open it.


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