Airport Design Editor HelpWhat's NewHow do I display the Raw Data View for a single object? (ProKey) (1.66)

How do I display the Raw Data View for a single object? (ProKey) (1.66)

The Raw Data View has been available for some time if you have a ProKey.  This provides a way to view and edit properties directly and see the effect on the source XML.  This function is now available for single objects selected from a List or the Main Display simply by selection the desired object and using the Ctrl + Enter keys

  1. The RDV will open with the selected object as the root of the object tree.  Obviously if there are no sub objects then nothing will appear when the tree is expanded
  2. These are the editable and informational properties for the selected element in the tree.  Note that changing these will change the property in the object and
  3. Update the XML display
  4. If you select the object from the main display then the Delete button may be visible,  Make absolutely sure that it you do choose to delete an element you know what the effects will be.  
  5. When done click close or use the Enter Key

NOTE  The RDV does not support any sense checking of your changes.  It does not support  undo/redo of the changes you might make so it is important to understand how to use this powerful tool.  If you plan to use it then you might want to save the project file before you start in case something goes wrong


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