Release Notes 1.76.6704

  • Removed automatic update check and replaced it with user controlled update reminders.  ADE will no longer automatically check for updates each time it starts.  Now there is a user controlled updater reminder function.

For those users who currently have version 1.75/1.76 then this update will be available via the online updater found near the bottom of the main screen:

For those users with versions before 1.75 you will need to download the ADE 1.75 full installer from here:   Install this version separately from any existing installations.  Once installed then run ADE and you should be offered the update as described above.

There is a known bug in this update where you may lose part of the main window to the right.  This is due to your screen resolution being less than the ADE main window size.  This problem was introduced in this update and we hope to issue an update to fix it shortly


Albert H Mongeon

How do I download 1.76.6704?? Can't find it anywhere.

Jon Masterson

I have updated the release note to explain how to update to this version

Igor Doksas

Where is approach mode after latest update?

Jon Masterson

I think you may have the problem where your screen resolution is less that the size of the ADE main window. This is a known problem and there should be an update for it shortly

Igor Doksas

Thanks Jon ! Kind regards.

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