Airport Design Editor Help Trouble ShootingWhat do I do if I get an Error Like "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"?

What do I do if I get an Error Like "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"?

If you see this message then it will be when ADE starts and it is almost certainly to do with the ProKey.  Some information is stored by the ProKey third party license code and for reasons that we do not understand, it can throw this message from time to time.  The first thing to try is to delete a folder and try again

Open the AppData Folder

  1. Go to C > Users > Your User Name >  and find the AppData Folder
  2. Oops if it is not there then you will need to set your computer to display hidden folders and files

Display hidden folders and files

  1. Open the control panel and select Appearance and Personalization
  2. Go to Folder Options and click Show hidden files and folders
  1. Make sure to select Show hidden files, folder and drives
  2. and click OK

AppData should now be visible so choose AppData > Local and look for the folder called ScruffyDuck

If it is not there then contact us but it is most likely there.  If it is then just delete it and close Windows Explorer

Run ADE again

Now start ADE again.  You may see the dialog asking you to enter your ProKey license details so please have them to hand

If you see the same error message again or a similar but different one when you try to start ADE or register the ProKey then please contact us.


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