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Deleting Libraries from the Library Object Manager

At the moment there is no specific button to delete a library.  However this method should work and is quite straightforward

  1. Select the library you want to delete from the drop down list
  2. Click the Delete All Button
  3. Click Save to save the changes

Select the Library to Delete

Select the Library to Delete
  1. The selected library
  2. The objects in that library

Mark for Deletion

Mark for Deletion
  1. Click Delete All
  2. You will be given a chance to change your mind.  Click Yes to mark the objects from this library for deletion.  Note that this does not actually remove the objects until you click Save

The objects marked for deletion will now show *DELETE* instead of the object name

Complete the Deletion

Complete the Deletion

Click the Save Button and the library will be gone along with all the objects in it


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