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How do I Set Taxi Link Draw Flags to Default Values?

The latest version of Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D (P3D) now honors the Draw Flags for taxi links.  While these flags - DrawSurface and DrawDetail have existed since FSX, the Sim has ignored them.  As a result ADE did not set these flags and existing projects and Bgl files will not show some or all taxiways in P3D v2.

The latest version of ADE (1.60) supports P3D v2 and also provides tools to ensure that the Draw Flags are properly set.   The quickest way to set them is to use the reset function.  This will set the flags for each type of taxi link based on those values found in stock files.  This function is available in ADE for FSX, P3D v1 and P3D v2.

Load the project and select Lists > Taxi Links.

The Links List

Unset Flags

  1. The Link list will show all links in the project along with the current flag status
  2. This project shows all the flags to be false.  This is a clear indication that the project, or Bgl file, was created by an earlier version of ADE
  3. Click the Reset All Draw Flags Button.
Unset Flags

Set Taxipath Draw Flags to Default Values

You will then see the information message that you are about to  set the flags to the default stock values

Click Yes to proceed.

Set Taxipath Draw Flags to Default Values

Updated Flags

After a short time the list will be redisplayed and the flags will be properly set.

Save the list to return to the project.

Updated Flags


  1. Remember to save the project to be sure that the updated information is stored.
  2. It is possible to edit the values in ADE for FSX and both versions of P3D.  However be aware that the edit values will only be honored in P3D v2.  You may want to do this in FSX if you intend to use the project for both FSX and all P3D versions
  3. ADE will load default flags for new project and stock airports
  4. ADE will set the default flags based on link type when you add new links to a project


Howard Walker

Trying to bring back missing default taxiways to KAPF lost due to bad addon scenery. Deleted the addon scenery but there are no taxiways. The yellow center lines are there on the grass, but no actual taxiway. Following above instructions, after the flags are updated, where do I save the project to?


Trying to restore default taxiways at KAPF lost due to bad addon scenery in P3D. Yellow centerlines are there but no taxiway. Only grass. Following above instructions, where do I save the project to after all the default flags have been set. The save instruction is not clear.

Jon Masterson

Where did you make your changes - in the addon scenery airport or somewhere else?

Marc Roth

With P3D v4, I will have to do this with all my airports...Jon, do you see a chance to write a little tool to check and update all the airports?

Jon Masterson

Sorry - took a while for me to get to this. I am not sure that is feasible.


How to resolve this without compiling the rest of the airport buildings? (I.e. Recompiling the black boxes which subsequently makes buildings disappear - even in the RC 1.75 version, regardless of selecting yes or no at the prompt)

Jon Masterson

The issue with black box objects is a know bug and we are currently working on it.

Marcus Coull

Re the above problem.Just want to say thank you for the above description to non showing taxiways.Downloaded recently a 9 year old fsx scenery for Hobart to use in Prepar3dv4.Only scenery I could find.Playing around with it and adding to it had the same problem with ghost taxiways..When googled this came up 1st description.Easy fix.Thanks again.Great program!!

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