Airport Design Editor HelpTrouble ShootingWhy is ADE Telling me it Can't Compile to the Compile To Folder? (1.65)

Why is ADE Telling me it Can't Compile to the Compile To Folder? (1.65)

When you compile with ADE you are telling it to create some files and save them in the folder you specify.  If ADE can't save to the specified folder then the compile will fail

Warning Messages

Warning Messages

You are probably reading this article because you got one of these messages telling you that ADE can't save one of the Bgl files.  ADE tests the folder(s) you want to compile to and if it cannot save to them it will generate these messages

The reason why

The reason why

The most likely reason is that your flight simulator is installed in the default folder.  This is inside C:\Program Files (x86)\   This folder is subject to User Access Control (UAC.  UAC was introduced with Vista and is designed to protect you from unwanted programs writing files and data that might introduce spam or other problems.  By default Microsoft arranged for flight sims to be installed in this default folder even though flight simmers often want to add or change files.  ADE cannot save to these folders.

What can I do?

What can I do?

The simplest method is to start ADE with elevated privileges.  Right Click The ADE Short Cut and select Run as administrator from the menu.  You will see the UAC dialog asking you whether you want to run ADE.  Click Yes and ADE will start.  You should now be able to compile to the protected folders.  The advantage of this method is that it is easy.  The disadvantage is that  you must remember to do this each time you start ADE.

You may wonder why ADE just doesn't start with elevated privileges.  Well the whole point of UAC is to stop unwanted programs interfering with your operating system and if programmers could just bypass it then it would not be much use.

NOTE that depending on the access rights of your user profile in windows it is possible that you may not have access to this option.

Turn of UAC

Some folks feel comfortable turning off UAC and managing security themselves.  You can do this and if so then you don't need to Run ADE as Administrator.  However other program may be able to make changes that you are not aware of.  We don't recommend turning off UAC but if you decide on that route the process is simple enough - just Google "Turn off UAC"

The best method

is also the biggest bind.  That is to uninstall FS and re-install it in a folder outside the UAC areas and preferably not in your C drive if you have other partitions.  Most simmers who are aware of the issues will install away from the default folder and away from UAC.


David Opper

This compile folder worked fine before the last update.
Compile folder pointed to previous version install folders which still exist.

Mel Alfino

Hi I have just installed your wonderful airport design editor for FSX but receive the following error message when attempting to compile;
ScruffyDuck Scenery Design Engine Compiling
Using BglComp....

INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C1003: Failed to create MSXML object! (0x80040154)

Parsing document: C:\MSFS\FS Design Tools\Airport Design Editor 165\!AdeTempWorkOnly\Fact_adex_ade300416.xml

INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2430: Unrecoverable error parsing XML!
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2006: Parse failed (0x80004005)
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2003: Failed to process file: C:\MSFS\FS Design Tools\Airport Design Editor 165\!AdeTempWorkOnly\Fact_adex_ade300416.xml
I have taken your advice and opened the program using administrator rights but still received the above error message- PLEASE help

Tommy Engman

Despite that ADE suggests a folder (Addon Scenery\Scenery) which exists I get this message. I need to manually find this folder with the ADE interface and click "Scenery" to get ADE to accept this folder.

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