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Setting Taxi Link Default Properties

This article has been updated to reflect changes made in Version 1.65.5420 and specifically the option to inherit link properties from the last link drawn (method used by AFCAD)

The toolbar settings

The toolbar settings

Older versions of ADE just used the two properties in the toolbar to set default settings.  These can still be used but may be greyed out when you open ADE.  We will first look at the new method to set default link settings for each link type and then look again at how to use the toolbar to set the values for surface and width.  

Choosing the link inheritance method

There are now two ways to get the settings to use for a new drawn link.  The method to use is selected via Settings > Options > General Tab.  If the check box shown above is checked then ADE will use the 'AFCAD' method which is to inherit properties from the last link drawn.  If it is unchecked the links will inherit propertied based on the Taxi Link Default Settings.

This method will use the last drawn or last edited link properties for new drawn links.  Link types are grouped

  • Taxi and Closed links are considered similar and will inherit from each other
  • Apron (Path) and Parking links are considered similar and will inherit from each other
  • Runway links are automatically handled and there is no change in the way ADE does that
  • Vehicle links are not present in FS9 or AFCAD but will only inherit from the last vehicle link drawn

ADE saves the properties for the link groups above. The properties are saved when:

  • A link is drawn
  • Link properties are edited and changed - single selected edit only

The settings are remembered between sessions

Properties inheritance depends on whether a link starts on an existing link or not

  • If the start node for the new link is not associated with an existing node or link then ADE will use the properties stored for that link type - respecting the groups described above. So if you draw a link entirely in new space or from a new node to an existing link or node then you will get the last drawn link properties
  • If a link is started from an existing link then provided the parent link is in the same group (Taxi/Closed, Apron/Parking, Vehicle) then the new link will inherit the properties is the parent. If there is no matching parent then the link gets drawn with the relevant last drawn link properties. Note that if the start node has multiple existing links of different types then ADE will try and find a matching one and use that before giving up and using the last drawn link

Once the option to use this method is checked then it should happen automatically without the need for further changes.  If you want to change the link properties to inherit from then just edit a link of that type and ADE will use that information.

Highlight and select a link of the type you want to change or check the settings for

New Links Inherit from the Taxi Link Default Settings

Right Click and select Default Settings.  

Default Settings: TAXI

The Default Settings Dialog will open with the current default settings for the selected link type

  1. The Surface and Width properties can be changed whether you have a ProKey or not.  If you don't have a ProKey then you probably only need to use the toolbar settings (see below)
  2. The markings and lights properties are read only if you do not have a ProKey and cannot be changed.  If you have a ProKey then you can also edit these
  3. The Set To Selected button will allow you to set the default settings to the current settings of the selected link.
Default Settings: TAXI

You will get a warning in case you hit this button by mistake or change you mind.  Click Cancel to stop the changes or OK to proceed.  

When finished click the Close button (1)

If you select a runway link then you will get this message:

There are no user definable defaults for runway links because ADE deals with things like width and surface bsaed on the associated runway


These defaults apply only when you are adding a new link that does not start on an existing link or node.  In that case ADE will use the properties of the existing link or a link of the same type attached to the node.  

The handling of this has been changed in version 1.61.  The properties that are transferred now depend more closely on the types of link involved.  

For example:

  • if a vehicle link is attached to a taxi link then only the surface type will be transferred.  If a vehicle link is started on a node with different link types attached then ADE will first see if there is a vehicle link already attached,  If so then the properties of the existing link should be transferred to the new link.  If no vehicle link is present at the node then the most likely surface will be transferred.
  • If the new link is a parking link then no properties will get transferred and the defaults for the parking link properties will always be used.

We hope that this will reduce the amount of effort needed to create a taxi network.

Using the toolbar settings

Using the toolbar settings
  1. You may see that the toolbar settings are greyed out.  In older versions of ADE they were active all the time.  Now they will not be active unless
  2. you select a taxi link drawing mode

The reason for this is that the toolbar settings are connected to the default settings described above and can be different for each link type.  

  1. Select a link type and the toolbar options become active
  2. The options show the currently set defaults for that link type.  If you change these then this information is saved and will be available until such time as you change the settings again for that link type

The default surface is changed to Clay and any new links (not connected to an existing link) will be drawn with this surface.

This change is also reflected in the Default Settings dialog

Runway properties

Runway properties
  1. Just note that if you select runway links
  2. then the toolbar properties are blanked

This is because ADE will automatically handle the runway link properties depending on the runway they are on.


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