Add or Remove a Vertex

If you are working with aprons, ground polys, lines or fences then sooner or later you will want to add or remove a vertex.  Here's how


Select the object you want to add a vertex to.

  1. For aprons and polys the edge will get an orange line.
  2. A line such as a fence, apron edge lights etc will change to orange
  3. Existing vertexes will be displayed as small green rectangles

Move the mouse over the high lighted edge or line until the tool tip appears (if you don't see a tool tip then check here for how to turn them on

The tool tip will show 'Ctrl+Click to Add Vertex'

So hold down the Ctrl Key and Left Click.  A new vertex should be placed at the cursor location


To delete a vertex left click to select the parent apron, poly or line and then left click on the vertex you want to delete.  It should become high lighted.  By the way we moved the vertex we just added to make it clearer what happens when a vertex is deleted


Now hit the Delete Key.  The selected vertex is removed and the edge is now drawn between the vertexes on either side of the one that is selected


W Stein

Is it possible to divide one long fence into two separate parts?

Jon Masterson

Unfortunately not in the current version but that feature is on the list to be added to ADE

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