Airport Design Editor HelpFile HandlingHow Do I Set the Correct Paths to FSX and the FSX SDK?

How Do I Set the Correct Paths to FSX and the FSX SDK?

For ADE to work it is necessary to give it some information about the location of the Simulator and SDK (this applies to FSX and P3D versions 1 and 2.  There is no path to set to the SDK for FS9)


  1. Go to Settings
  2. and then Options

Select the Folders Tab

  1. Click the Find Button
  2. If your FSX and FSX SDK installations are correctly installed the paths should appear here.  If these do not change from the default ADE folders then you either do not have FSX and the SDK installed or there is a problem with the registry entry
  3. Assuming all is well click Save.  Close ADE and restart it.


Ranma Budlong

I can not find the file folder sdk or terrain mod kit. I feel so stipid, please help.

Jon Masterson

Have you installed the FSX SDK? It is not installed automatically with FSX


Hi when i click find for bglcomp folder and shp2vec folder nothing happens will i need to manually add the path? I have SDK installed but that find but isn't locating the path it only works for FSX path.

Also i'm trying to edit NDB but it wont let me how can i do this? Thankyou

Jon Masterson

I think this has been dealt with on the support forum

Josh M

You can just download the P3D SDK if you are using FSX Steam. It is the same as the original FSX SDK. Download:

Hope this helps

Jon Masterson

It needs to be the 1.4 version to match FSX


Hi,I created an airport, everything is fine,but when I added coms only ground,tower and approach were in FSX,but ATIS and Departure were not.
Can someone help me about this? Many Thanks

Jon Masterson


Please ask for help on the support forum at


thank you very much !

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