Airport Design Editor Help Scenery ObjectsHow do I Add a Model (mdl) File to ADE?

How do I Add a Model (mdl) File to ADE?

Most objects in ADE will come from Object Libraries.  However users sometimes want to add a model (mdl) file directly to ADE.  This is a good way to do things if you have a model that is specific to a particular location or you do not want to publish a library alongside your airport.   ADE supports using model files directly and they are compiled into the ADE Bgl file(s)

Before you start

Before you start you need to have the model (mdl) file AND any texture files that it uses.  ADE does not automatically handle texture files for you.  Any textures will need to be placed separately into the right place in the sim folders.  We will cover that also

Open the Models List

Open the Models List

Select Models from the Lists Menu

Add the Model

Click the Add button

  1. Navigate to the folder containing the model
  2. Select the model to add
  3. Click Open

FSX and P3D

FSX and P3D

The Name is part of the model for FSX and P3D

  1. Add a comment if you want
  2. Click Save



The name is not part of the model in FS9 so you might want to change this to something meaningful

  1. The model is now listed in ADE
  2. Add some more if you want to
  3. Click Close when you are done

This model is now available to be placed in your project

Place the Model

Place the Model
  1. Right Click where you want the model
  2. Click Add and then
  3. Model
  1. Select the model from the list
  2. Change any settings
  3. Click Add

The model is now placed.  Of course you can place it as many times as you like in the project.  Note that user models are differently colored than library objects

Compile the Project

  1. Make sure when you compile that you make a note of the folder you compile to and copy the textures for the model into the corresponding texture folder



1-It gives me mistake on having compiled

2-I do not understand the topic of the textures...

Jon Masterson

I think the best place to get help with this is via the support forum at www,


Hi, folks,
Thanks for the description of how to convert aircraft into objects in ADE. It is understandable and works fine. But one essential question is left. Although positioning of aircraft was perfect, the aircraft were "sitting on the ground like ducks" as the wheels were not extended! How can I convert aircraft with *.MDL files so that the undercarriage is extended? Otherwise the whole project would look like a joke with aircraft lying on their belly.
Hope to receive some help. Thanks fr answering.
Best regards,

Jon Masterson

Sorry for the slow reply. The best place to get help with this is on the support forum at Someone there will be able to help


Thanks Jon. I sent the question to fsdeveloper.
Best regards,

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