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Add Comments to ADE Display


Some times it is useful to be able to make a note or 'TO DO' when working on a project.  Nearly all objects in ADE have a comments field where you can store this sort of information.  Comments are displayed in the object tool tip so you can see them when the mouse if over them.  Sometimes however it could be helpful to place comments and TO DO's that are not directly attached to an object.  It could also be handy to be able to see a list of these comments.  ADE now has a comment object that can be placed anywhere on the display and which is saved as part of the project file.  


Adding a Comment

  1. Right click where you want the comment to be
  2. and select Add Comment
Adding a Comment

A basic property dialog opens so that you can enter your comment

Click the OK button to save it

The tool tip will show the comment when the mouse passes over the comment icon

Listing Comments

Comments are in the same list as other Helpers.  Select Lists > Helpers to open the list

Listing Comments

The Comments are mixed in with other helper type objects however if you left click the Type Header (1) then the list will be sorted.

Now all the comments are listed together making it easier to check them out

Selecting a comment in the list will center the ADE display on it so that it becomes easier to find.  

Comments behave the same way as other objects.  They can be moved, deleted, edited and so on.  Actions on Comments can be undone.


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