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How do I edit more than one object at a time? (1.65)

Editing multiple objects has been limited to a couple of object types in previous versions.  In this version it is possible to select any group of objects of the same or different types and edit the properties that they have in common.  If all the objects are the same then you can edit most properties. If they are all different then only one or two can be edited.  For some object types such as runways, comms or taxi designators it does not make much sense to edit all the properties in a group so these will be limited in any case.  This is the first pass for the new multi edit engine so we expect to improve it over time.

Editing multiple objects

This is simple.  Either select a group of objects in a list or in the main display and select Edit (or hit Enter)

Multi edit from a list

Multi edit from a list

The multi edit dialog is a familiar property grid.  

  1. In this case we have selected a group of parking spots from the list so that there are quite a lot of properties to edit
  2. Where the value is empty it generally means that the value is not the same for all objects currently in the selection
  3. Where a value is displayed then the objects already have the same value
  4. Change the values as you wish and when you are finished click Done.

Any changes that you make should be able to be undone (this exlcudes some objects such as comms, models and taxi designators.  However we plan to add undo to these in the future)

Multi edit from the main display

Multi edit from the main display

In this case we have selected some parking spots and some generic buildings.  The properties available to edit are reduced.  However we could set the heading for all objects ot be the same or change the lock status or whether the objects are compiled or not (SkipCompile)  Note that access to SkipCompile is a ProKey function.


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