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How do I Add Taxi Links to the Existing Network?

The link selection buttons are on the top row of the button bar

Choose the Type of Link to Add

This selects the Taxi Link type.  The mouse pointer tooltip says what type of link the button will select.  Click the Add Taxi Link button to tell ADE that you want to add taxi links

Move the cursor so that it is close to or over the link.  When ADE recognizes that you are over a link it will:

  1. Hightlight the link
  2. Display the tooltip.  If the link highlights but the tooltip does not show then check that Show Tooltips is checked in the Settings Menu
Select a Link to Add a New Link to

Left click on the existing link and drag out the new one.  When you release the left mouse button the link will be drawn

Draw the Link

You can check that the new link is connected to the existing one by moving the cursor back over the new start node.  If the node and all the links highlight then you can be sure that the link is added to the existing one.

The same procedure works when you want to add a new link to an existing node.  Move the cursor over the node and when it hightlighs and the tooltip for the node is displayed then you know you will add a link to that node.

Add a New Link to an Existing Node

Left Click and drag out the new link.

Finally check that the new link is connected by moving the cursor over the starting node and see that all the links highlight


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