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Small Library Objects Display

Some library objects such as lights can have a very small footprint.  These can be hard to see and harder to select.   These objects are now given a 'Halo' to make seeing and selecting them easier

  1. Object large enough not to show a halo
  2. Small object with halo
  3. The actual footprint of the small object

Display Properties

Display Properties

You can adjust the halo properties by selecting any library object and then Right Click > Display Options

  1. This value will set the diameter of the small object halo when drawn.  The value is always in meters.  By default this is 5 meters
  2. This determines the minimum footprint area of a library object below which the halo will be drawn.  This takes account of the scale of an object and represents the area the object covers in the ADE display.  ADE calculates the display area by multiplying the footprint width and length and scale.  The default value is 1 square meter.
  3. Click Close when you are finished.  ADE will update the displays and halos for all library objects to match your new settings

Turn the halos on or off

Turn the halos on or off

If you would rather not see halos or you need to hide them temporarily then you can do this by going to Settings > Show Small Object Halos.  If this is checked then halos will be shown.  Change your setting by clicking this menu option.  ADE will remember your setting between sessions


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