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Airport Design Editor On-line Updater

ADE has an on-line updater and will check for updates when you start ADE.  This is an automatic process

IMPORTANT NOTE It can take some time for the download to be completed.  You may work with ADE while the download is taking place.  ADE will warn you if you need to save your work once the download is complete.  You should allow the download to complete even if it seems to take a while.  At busy times the server can appear slow


Version Up to Date

The on-line updater works in the background each time you start ADE.  It checks to see if you have the current version of ADE.  If so you will see the green tick and Up to Date status.

Version Up to Date

New Update Available

If ADE finds a new update it will download some information.  Don't worry the download does not automatically trigger an update.  ADE is just getting ready to offer you the update.  Information is provided in two places:

  1. The version status area which is now showing Downloading
  2. An icon in the Notify tray
New Update Available

Update is ready

When the information needed is downloaded you will see the Click to Update Now status.  There is also a balloon tooltip on the notify tray that fades after a few moments.  At this point you have still not applied the update and can still decide whether to do that or not.  Click the small down arrow to the right of the status notification.  Be sure to click this and not over the text otherwise the update will be applied.

Update is ready


In the drop list click the option to show the details. and you will get some more information about the update.  Generally you should always apply any updates we send.  These usually contain fixes to bugs as well as new features.

Click the Update button.  ADE will then do all the work to apply the update and restart ADE in the new version.


Ignoring an Update

Well you can ignore an update.  The notification won't go away but you do not have to apply it.  You may want to leave it for a bit and if so ADE will just sit there telling you there is an update.  We strongly recommend that you do apply the updates however.  To be able to maintain support for the majority of users we will usually not be able to help with know bugs other than to advise you to accept the current update.  Updates are cumulative so over time new updates may arrive.  If they do they will incorporate updates already available (if you have not applied them).


Unsaved Work

Depending on the size of the update it can take a while to download and become available.  During that time you may have done some work on your project.  If the project has changed and you tell the updater to make the update then ADE will warn you that there is unsaved work and then save the project for you.  Once the save is complete you can then set the update to run again safely.


Jean-Claude Fabbro

It's probably me being an idiot but i found a lot of comments an notes about it but actually nowhere to download ADE 1.61.5210 or whatever the latest version is? Please help!! THX

Jon Masterson

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