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How do I send you the ADE Log (1.65)

ADE maintains a log of what is happening as you use it.  There is a log for each version of ADE that you open. We use this log to check when things are going wrong.  If ADE crashes then it will automatically record what happened and ask you to send us the log.  There are times however when we might ask you to send us the log so that we can understand why things aren't working as  you expect..

Pre version 1.65

Pre version 1.65

Prior to version 1,65 there is a button located in Settings > Options > General tab.  This is really not a very convenient place for it and in that location we may not be able to get the latest log data.  So this button is removed in 1.65 and you can now send the log from the Tools Menu.

Send log from Tools menu

Send log from Tools menu

Manual log send dialog

Manual log send dialog
  1. This message just tells you about the log and how to send it
  2. We respect that some folks do not want to share their email address.  However we keep all email information private and entering your email address makes it possible for us to contact you to get more information or give you progress reports on the issue.  So please do enter your email address here
  3. Use this area to describe what is happening and why you are sending the log.  This is especially important if we have asked you to send us the log.  Please mention the context here.  Logs are queued and downloaded to us in groups so it can sometimes be hard to know which is which.  Also the more you can tell us about what you were doing or what problem you had then the easier it is for us to solve the issue.  The log will tell us what happened (which is generally the easy bit) but only you can help explain why.
  4. Sending the log requires an internet connection.  Use this button if you want to test whether you can connect to the log collection service.
  5. Having the project you are working on is often very helpful especially in the case of a crash.  If this box is checked then ADE will send the project to us so that we can try to replicate the issue as closely as possible
  6. Click Send to send the log or
  7. Cancel if you change your mind.

It may take a few moments to send the log and associated information but you can continue to work as soon as this dialog closes.  You may not be able to close ADE however until the log is fully sent.

What do I do if the connection cannot be made?

Sending us the log via the dialog above is by far the best method to use.  However if you cannot do it this way then you can find and send us the log by email.  This method is described in this article


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