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Show or Hide Tool Tips

Tool tips are very useful for providing information about objects and if you can see the tool tip for an object then you can be sure that you can select it by left clicking.  Sometimes however the tool tip might get in the way or what you are doing so you might want to turn them off

Turning Tool Tips On or Off

Go to the Settings Menu and look at the Show Tooltips menu entry.  If it is checked then tool tips are on.  Unchecked and they are off.  Click the menu entry to change the status.  ADE will remember whether you have tool tips on or off.

Turning Tool Tips On or Off

Hide the Tool Tip Temporarily

Perhaps the tool tip is getting in the  way but you don't want to turn it off permanently.  So just hold down the Q key to hide the tool tip.  It will stay hidden until you release the Q key

Hide the Tool Tip Temporarily

Hidden with the Q key down


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