How do I Save my Airport?

It is important to save your work regularly.  ADE will warn you if you have unsaved work and try to close the program.  Saving your work saves it to an ADE Project File and you should always open your work from the Project File once you create it

Open the File Menu and select Save Airport or use Ctrl+S from the keyboard.  You can also use Save As after the first save to change the file name, folder and comment

Save project dialog

Save project dialog

This dialog will open to let you set the name and save folder for the file.

1. Project Name

This is the name that the file will be saved with.  If this is the first time you have saved this project then ADE will suggest a name.  You can change this to anything that you want

2. Save Folder

This is the folder that  the file will be saved to.  If this is the first time that you have saved this project then this will be the default folder that you set in the New User Wizard or Settings > Options > Project Tab.  you can't change this by typing but you can change it via 3, 4  or 5

3. Change Save Folder

3. Change Save Folder

Navigate to the folder where you want the file saved and click OK.  You can also create a new folder for the project if you wish

4. Reset Save Folder to Default

If you are using Save As and the folder shown in 2 is not the Default Folder then this button will be active.  If you decide you want to save this now in the default folder then just click this button to reset the folder to the default setting

5.  Open Folder

5.  Open Folder

This will open a dialog that will be familiar to users of ADE versions prior to 1.65.  Here you can change the folder as you wish or create a new one.  You can also edit the name or even select an existing project to over write.

6. Comment

ADE saves information about your project settings and if you want to make a comment about the project file for future information then you can enter that here

7. Save or Cancel

7. Save or Cancel

Click Cancel if you change your mind about saving the project or Save to save it.  If you try to save the file with the same name and folder as an existing file then you will see this message.

After the first save.

Once you have saved the file then clicking Save or using Ctrl+S will save the project again using the same name, folder and comment.  You won't see this dialog.  If you want to change the name, folder or comment then use Save As.


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