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  • Sometimes a stock airport may be misplaced in the simulator world.   This tool allows you to move the airport to a new location.  Moving an airport can be complicated and there are a lot of things to think about such as the terrain at the new location and the need to revise approach code.  However moving the airport elements is quite simple

  • ADE ships with thumbnails for some of the common stock objects found in the different versions of the simulator.  However there are objects without thumbnails.  We have a couple of 'packs' that contain thumbnails to use with ADE.

    IMPORTANT These packs contain small thumbnail images.  They do not contain any objects, or bgl object libraries.  You do not get the objects when you download these packs, you get thumbnails that ADE can use to show you what a library object looks like.  Also please download the pack relevant to the version of the simulator you are using ADE for.  It will do no harm if you download and install the wrong one but thumbnails will only get used for objects that match so most will be wasted if you use the wrong pack and many objects in ADE will still not show a thumbnail.

  • If you want to change a stock airport location details such as state, city or name then it requires a little work.  Like the stock airport location any changes must be loaded before the stock airport.  Any changes in the modified bgl file created by ADE will not have any effect.  While there is no direct way to do this in ADE at the moment it can be done with a little trick

  • Updated on: May 12, 2014

    What Bgl Files can ADE Create?

    When you compile an airport with ADE one or more bgl files will get created.  What gets created depends on the target simulator version, your settings and the contents of the project.  There is a file naming convention that is used

  • Updated on: May 12, 2014

    How do I Add a Background Image?

    Background images are used to help layout airports.  These images are not photo scenery and ADE does not compile them into the simulator.  There are a lot of different types of background image that can be used.  These can be images taken from something like Google Earth or perhaps a published airport layout diagram.  The important thing is that these need to be in a recognized image format for ADE to use.  Also it is a good idea to keep the size of images as small as possible,  If you are working on a large airport then consider using several small images rather than a large one

  • Updated on: May 11, 2014

    How do I Add a Tower Viewpoint?

    The tower viewpoint is the position at an airport which is used when you set your location to the tower.  It is important to note that the tower viewpoint is separate from the 3D model that represents the tower.  Adding the model does not add a viewpoint.  Adding the viewpoint does not add a physical tower to the airport.  There can only be one tower viewpoint and an airport although you can have multiple physical control towers present.


  • Updated on: May 07, 2014

    How do I Pan the ADE Display?

    Panning the display is the action of moving the display contents from up, down, left or right.  This can be done via the keyboard or mouse