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  • Some objects like aprons and ground polys can hide what is beneath them and that can be an issue if you are using a background image.  It is possible to change how transparent aprons and polys are and hence be able to see beneath them.  The level of transparency is set per object and is remembers between sessions.

  • Updated on: Oct 07, 2014

    How do I send you the ADE Log (1.65)

    ADE maintains a log of what is happening as you use it.  There is a log for each version of ADE that you open. We use this log to check when things are going wrong.  If ADE crashes then it will automatically record what happened and ask you to send us the log.  There are times however when we might ask you to send us the log so that we can understand why things aren't working as  you expect..

  • Updated on: Oct 06, 2014

    How do I Send You the ADE Log File?

    Sometimes we ask for the ADE log to be sent to us.  This helps us to understand what is going on inside ADE and to investigate problems. There is an automated process to send logs to us when ADE crashes but sometimes it may be necessary to send us a log manually. To find the log:

  • If you see this message then it will be when ADE starts and it is almost certainly to do with the ProKey.  Some information is stored by the ProKey third party license code and for reasons that we do not understand, it can throw this message from time to time.  The first thing to try is to delete a folder and try again

  • Up till now if has not been easy to make a runway surface in FSX transparent.  Thanks to some recent work by Jim Vile and others there is a way to do it and this has been included in ADE 1.65.


    This will only be available in ADE if you have the Acceleration Pack SDK installed.  SDK versions SP1a and SP2 do not support this and ADE will not offer the transparent property if you have one of these installed.  Please also note that if you create an airport with transparent runways using the XPack then these will only appear transparent on FSX with the XPack.  In all other versions of FSX the runway surface will be visible

  • Updated on: Sep 27, 2014

    How do I Install ADE? (1.65)

    The installation package for ADE 1.65 is a zip file that contains  a read me file and an executable installer

  • The New User Wizard appears, when you start ADE for a specific version for the first time.  ADE does not share settings between different versions.  So, for example, if you have FSX and P3D v1 installed then you will see the New User Wizard the first time you run each of these versions. The New User Wizard will configure Airport Design Editor to work properly on your computer. It starts automatically if it does not find any setting file.

    We strongly recommend that you run through the New User Wizard to the end. You can cancel at any time, but ADE9X will not have all the information it needs to work correctly. If you do decide to cancel the wizard before finishing, you can access the wizard any time afterwards by selecting Tools => New User Wizard.

    If you need to run the wizard and it does not appear when you start ADE then please open it via Tools > New User Wizard (See Run the Wizard Again at the bottom of this article)


  • If you install a new production or beta version of ADE it will be in a new installation folder.  The settings and data files in the new installation will be the default ones.  If you have an existing installation you might want to copy the settings and data from that installation into the new one.  Here's how

  • Updated on: Sep 27, 2014

    How do I Backup my Project? (1.65)

    ADE has several ways to back up your project and protect against losing valuable work.  The first is auto save, the second is a bak file and the third is the Project Backup Tool

  • This feature replaces the existing Change Airport Altitude function.  It is not possible to change the name or altitude of an airport via the normal addon scenery bgl file.  Unlike all the other changes you might make the airport identification and altitude properties are read from the first file loaded rather than the last.  So to get a change to be remembered we need to create a small Bgl file (often called a  stub or pre-load file) that contains this information and is stored in ..\Scenery\World\scenery.  This ensures that the pre-load file is read before any other files including the stock files.