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  • Updated on: Jun 19, 2014

    Why Can't I add Freeway Traffic?

    ADE cannot make Freeway Traffic.  We use third party code to generate terrain elements.  It all works fine except for freeway traffic.  We have never been able to find out why. Now we have disabled freeway traffic all together until such time as we find an alternative method

  • This applies only to Prepar3D Version 2 and allows a runway surface to be made transparent.  Markings are still visible but appear over the underling surface

  • Accidental drag is when you select an object and it moves.  This is generally caused when the mouse moves slightly as you press a button.  ADE now has a drag delay - that is how far the mouse needs to move before dragging starts.  This delay can be set by the user.

  • ADE uses a method to allow users to change the altitude of stock airports.  This involves generating a bgl file that is saved into ..\Scenery\World\scenery\.   Sometimes you might want to revert the airport project back to the stock altitude.  This article explains how to do it.

    Note: This method will work only for stock airport where the altitude is revised after you install ADE version 1.61.5279  This is because of extra code needed in the project file related to the stock altitude.  If you have projects with revised altitude created by earlier versions then ADE won't offer this function.

  • Updated on: Jun 09, 2014

    Airport Design Editor On-line Updater

    ADE has an on-line updater and will check for updates when you start ADE.  This is an automatic process

    IMPORTANT NOTE It can take some time for the download to be completed.  You may work with ADE while the download is taking place.  ADE will warn you if you need to save your work once the download is complete.  You should allow the download to complete even if it seems to take a while.  At busy times the server can appear slow


  • Updated on: Jun 08, 2014

    Small Library Objects Display

    Some library objects such as lights can have a very small footprint.  These can be hard to see and harder to select.   These objects are now given a 'Halo' to make seeing and selecting them easier

  • In most cases the layer number for a custom ground object is edited in the GP Editor, but in some cases it might be necessary or convenient to do this in ADE.

  • Updated on: May 27, 2014

    How do I Change the Airport Altitude?

    Changing the altitude of a stock airport requires a bit of work.  Just changing the value in airport properties will not work.  This is because any altitude change must be read before the stock airport records.  This is the opposite of the usual order where the last loaded file is the one that counts.  So to change the altitude of a stock airport we need to create a small bgl file that loads before anything else.  This is often called a pre-load stub.  ADE can make this easy and will also update any airport elements that have altitudes that should be changed.

  • Updated on: May 25, 2014

    How do I Add a Model (mdl) File to ADE?

    Most objects in ADE will come from Object Libraries.  However users sometimes want to add a model (mdl) file directly to ADE.  This is a good way to do things if you have a model that is specific to a particular location or you do not want to publish a library alongside your airport.   ADE supports using model files directly and they are compiled into the ADE Bgl file(s)

  • Taxi links can sometimes be difficult to accurately select or see.  You can change the width of the line that ADE uses to display a link very easily