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  • Updated on: Jul 08, 2016

    File Priority Analyzer (1.70)

    The File Priority Analyzer (FPA) is similar to the Simple Airport Scanner.  However it is integral to ADE and deals with a single airport at a time.  In addition to identifying the loading order of bgl files containing the airport it also looks for files that do not contain an airport but do contain scenery objects that are located within and close to the airport.  It also provides tools to rename , delete or disable files.  Disabling is useful if you are trying to find out what file is causing problems in the display.

    File priority is about the order in which files are loaded by FS and therefore what displays and what does not.  This article covers loading priority:  and the file priority analyzer is intended to show the order for a given airport.

  • Sometimes an airport is removed from service or closed and we want to remove it from the sim.  Unfortunately we can't do that completely unless we modify stock airport files directly.  This is a bad idea and we do not recommend doing this.  We can get rid of everything however except for the IDENT in the scenery list which is not so bad.

    NOTE that this needs to be done with a pure stock airport without any modifications

  • Updated on: Mar 31, 2015

    How do I Change the Airport IDENT?

    Airports change their Idents (ICAO) in the real world so how can we change them in FS?  Actually we can't  Microsoft did not give us any way to change this.  It is a critical key to the airport data so it is not changeable.

    The first thing you should do is to open the stock airport in ADE and delete everything.  This article explains how

  • The Raw Data View has been available for some time if you have a ProKey.  This provides a way to view and edit properties directly and see the effect on the source XML.  This function is now available for single objects selected from a List or the Main Display simply by selection the desired object and using the Ctrl + Enter keys

  • It is sometimes helpful to know if the caps lock is on or not.  This is especially true when creating or editing taxi signs but can also be useful if for other object properties.

  • The standard method available for showing or hiding objects is via the View Menu.  However this will hide or show whole groups of objects like aprons or taxi signs or library objects.  If you want to just hide one or two objects then you will need a ProKey to access the Custom Hide Function.

  • This is quite a common error and is usually caused by having the wrong version of MSXML 4 installed

  • Updated on: Nov 29, 2014

    How do I Lock Objects in the Display?

    Sometimes it is useful to be able to stop objects being accidentally moved in the ADE display.  Locking is easy to do but first let's look at the Lock Status of an object

  • Updated on: Nov 16, 2014

    What is the ProKey For?

    The Pro Key gives access to some advanced features in ADE.  For many users ADE will provide everything they need to create or enhance airports in both FS9 and FSX.  ADE has been designed to be a user friendly as possible and has a number of mechanisms that reduce the risk of creating an airport that will not compile or that does not work in the Simulator.  Some users will want more control like direct access to the XML code or the ability to move or rotate entire airports.  Pro Key will give access to these and more.

    New ProKey are usually added on a regular basis.  Those currently available include:

    • Move airport
    • Rotate airport
    • Edit properties directly ( Raw Data View allows editing of underlying XML)
    • Save fault finder options
    • Open last saved project when ADE starts
    • Custom hide airport objects
    • Nudge objects accurately into position with arrow keys
    • Specify the number of vertices to be used when creating elliptical helper shapes
    • Copy/Paste coordinates between objects
    • Re-size helper shapes using handles
    • Skip the compile of specific objects
    • Conditional compile of different object groups
    • Extended default settings for taxi links
    • Ignore layer constraints.  ADE draws objects above or below each other based on a set of drawing layers designed to match FS as close as possible.  Sometimes it is convenient for users to ignore these constraints while working on an airport

    The ProKey is not free and currently costs $9.99.  You can however download a trial version from here


  • Updated on: Nov 10, 2014

    Setting Taxi Link Default Properties

    This article has been updated to reflect changes made in Version 1.65.5420 and specifically the option to inherit link properties from the last link drawn (method used by AFCAD)