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  • By default ADE will compile everything in the project file except for those objects that are included for information such as nearby airports and stock navaids.  There is an internal mechanism which works out whether something should be compiled or not.  This is called skip compile not really accessible to the user. The conditions in which something gets compiled can change depending on circumstances and in some cases ADE can't determine whether to compile something until it actually comes to compile the project.

    It may be useful sometimes to stop ADE from compiling a specific object or group of objects.  You can do this using Force Skip Compile.  When this property is set ADE will not compile the object irrespective of the internal mechanism.   If this is not set then ADE uses the internal skip compile mechanism.  So settings Force Skip Compile to No is not a guarantee that any object will be compiled.  All you can say for sure is if it is set to Yes then ADE will Not compile the object under any circumstances.

    This option is not available for all object groups.  It makes no sense to have it for helper shapes, background images and so on because they are not included in the compile.  It is also not available for the taxi and parking network - it would be difficult to predict the effect of not compiling some part of that.  Finally it is not available for custom GP objects and for Terrain Elements.

    Please note that you need a ProKey for Force Skip Compile to be available.  If you don't have a ProKey then ADE will automatically set Force Skip Compile for all objects to No.

  • This is an updated version of the existing New Airport Wizard that allows you to set the coordinates and altitude of a new non-stock airport from the user aircraft position in the simulator

  • Editing multiple objects has been limited to a couple of object types in previous versions.  In this version it is possible to select any group of objects of the same or different types and edit the properties that they have in common.  If all the objects are the same then you can edit most properties. If they are all different then only one or two can be edited.  For some object types such as runways, comms or taxi designators it does not make much sense to edit all the properties in a group so these will be limited in any case.  This is the first pass for the new multi edit engine so we expect to improve it over time.

  • Updated on: Sep 28, 2014

    How do I use the new Lister? (1.65)

    ADE has always provided lists of objects.   There is now a new version that is much more flexible and customizable than the old one

  • Updated on: Sep 28, 2014

    How do I Find and Open a Project? (1.65)

    up to now the only way to open  a project was via the File > Open project menu.  With the introduction of project specific settings files it is now possible to search for projects by airport ident

  • The list function provides a way to export the current list in a number of text based formats including comma separated values and html.

  • Updated on: Sep 13, 2014

    What is this Section For?

    This section contains articles and other information about the next version of ADE.  Stuff in this section will be available only in the current beta.  Like all beta versions of software there is a risk of the program crashing or not working as expected.  These articles are therefore subject to change on a regular basis.  Sometimes they may refer to stuff that is in development and not yet available in the beta,

    When the beta functions are moved into production then these articles will be moved to the main help sections.

  • Arial Narrow Bold is the font used by ADE to display runway numbers.  Some versions of Windows in some countries do not ship with this font.  It it cannot be found then the message below is displayed.  

    NOTE:  Current versions of ADE have the font embedded so you should not see this error.  If you do then please consider updating to the current version.

  • You will see references to ADE project files in many places in ADE, on the forum and in the documentation.  With the introduction of project specific settings it is important to understand what a project is.

  • Updated on: Jun 22, 2014

    How do i Connect ADE to the Simulator?

    Please note that automatic connection is only available in ADE 1.61.5283 and later.  for earlier versions only manual connection is available.  After that most of the information here is applicable to all versions